Hello world!

Christmas is coming! Okay, I know it’s only August, but, as a mother of a large family I know lots of people start planning their Christmas months in advance. So, I’m starting my planning my setting up a blog about all things Christmas – but, more specifically, all things Australian Christmas. See, Christmas in Australia is not all snow and jingle bells and turkey.  Us Aussies like to do things a little differently, so when our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are rugged up against the cold, Christmas in Australia comes during the summer months – and it’s hot hot hot. We’re more likely to enjoy ham and salad, or a barbie with our mates, with lots of cold drinks and perhaps a dip in a the pool, or at the beach.

This blog will explore some of the ways Aussie’s celebrate Australia. It will also celebrate the release of my picture book – an Australian Christmas story called Snowy’s Christmas, which will be released on October 1, by Random House Australia.

Snowys Christmas Cover
Snowy’s Christmas Cover

There will be an online launch, a blog tour and lots, lots more. So, hang on for the ride because Aussiechristmas will take you all the way to the big day with lots of fun and adventure.

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