Two Sleeps – I’m Making a List

Only two more sleeps until Snowy’s Christmas is released. The release of a book is a bit like the long awaited birth of a child (labour pangs and all). But at least I know what this baby is going to look like – and the sleepless nights and the hard work (of editing, revsisions, finding a publisher and so on) are now behind me.

All that’s left now is the count down to the day and the fun of sharing the book with the world. But, of course, that’s not quite true because, as every author knows, part of the work of releasing a new book is the work of promoting it, so that the reading public know about the book and go out and buy it. Much as writing a book is a real pleasure, it is an even greater pleasure when you know that it is being bought and read.

So, in between counting sleeps I’ve written a list – of things I’m doing to promote Snowy’s Christmas.

1. Set up aussiechristmas blog (check – I’ve done this – you’re there now)
2. Update blog regularly (in progress)
3. Set up blog tour (check – have lined up bloghosts. The tour starts Sunday)
4. Add cover and links to (check – thanks to my webguy Jason)
5. Set up virtual launch (check – ready to happen on Thursday. Come back then for some virtual fun)
6. Write article for Pass It On newsletter (still on the to-do list)
7. Look for more interview opportunities (yup. Still to do)
8. Set up google alert so I can keep track of any on-line mentions of the book and link to the, twitter them and so on (done)
9. Add Snowy to my email signature (to do on October 1)
10. Party! Celebrate the release any way I can (in progress. Definitely)

The list will get longer because, as I go, I often think up new ways of getting the word out about my book-baby. Promotion is such a key part of a book’s success – but I have to admit that I really enjoy it.

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    macedonrangesartsforum Says:

    Sounds like you have it all under control, Sally. I’m sure that Snowy and the virtual launch will be a fabulous success. I’m coming. I just love those cyber bubbles:-)


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