One Sleep – Internet Roundup

With only one sleep left until Snowy’s Christmas is released, I couldn’t resist a session with my dear friend Mr Google, to see where Snowy is being mentioned online. So, here goes: 
Booktopia has Snowy available to preorder for $17.50, so if you can’t wait until tomorrow you can jump in early.
The National Library has Snowy in its catalogue, though not yet in stock – it is great to know they’ve ordered it.
Sally Murphy (hey, that’s me!) has an entry about Snowy on her (my) author site.
Random House (the book’s publisher) has information about the book and about me (the author) and David (the illustrator).
Always On Sale has Snowy for sale for just $16 (plus postage). I’d not heard of this site before, so a new one to watch.
Geelong Library system not only has an entry, but seven libraries have copies on order. Hooray!

So, even before its release Snowy is being offered for sale and ordered by libraries. That’s great to know. If you’re an author, using a search engine to see who is talking about and stocking your books is a great exercise. Helps you to see where your book is going, and gives you ideas for how to promote it.

See you back here tomorrow for the online launch of Snowy’s Christmas. One more sleep!

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