The Morning After

Phew. What a party. Come in, come in. Don’t mind the mess. In case you missed it, there was a party here yesterday. I had a few friends round to celebrate the launch of Snowy’s Christmas.

You missed it? That’s a pity – but the wonderful thing about virtual parties is that you can join in the fun at any time. So, if you scroll down to yesterday’s post you’ll be able to snaffle yourself a lamington, a glass of virtual chardonnay, or maybe even a piece of my mum’s pavlova. Then, when you’ve had your fun you can come back to today.

I’d like to thank everyone who did drop in yesterday. I had dozens of visitors (in fact, over 100 people) and lots of lovely comments and, even though I was firmly ensconced in my loungeroom, it really felt like I was having a party with lots of friends and family. Also thanks to the people who wished me well on Facebook and Twitter, spreading the fun even further afield.

So, Snowy has been set free to bound across Australia and across the world . The book will be appearing soon (if not already) in a bookstore near you, or if you prefer to shop online, it is already available from Booktopia, QBD or Alwaysonsale.

And the fun isn’t over, because on Sunday I start my blog tour – where Snowy, David and I will be visiting a different blog each Sunday for eleven weeks. I’ll also be talking more on this blog about Snowy, about Christmas (and especially Christmas in Australia) and sharing links and snippets to reviews and any other publicity that Snowy attracts. So pop back often over the coming months to keep up to date with Snowy’s wanderings.


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    Dave Says:

    Thanks for a great event, Sally. Thank you to everyone for all you enthusiams and great comments about the book.

  2. 2

    There’s always one friend who can’t make it to the party, calls in a few days later with a fancy excuse to eat any leftovers – well here I am! Life just got so busy I didn’t get around to partying on the day. But the good thing about books is they don’t really have a read-by date and I am very thrilled to have a copy of Snowy’s Christmas on my desk. I’m going to read it to my nieces and nephews on the big day. Congratulations to you and David on the birth of a beautiful book!

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