On the Shelf

The release of a new book is always exciting – but equally exciting is when you actually get to see that book on the shelves of a real-life bookstore. The reality is that not every book makes it into every bookshop, and sometimes, for an author or illustrator, the thrill of actually seeing the book on a shelf can be a rare occurence.

So, it is with great delight that I present photographic evidence of Snowy’s Christmas sitting proudly on a real life bookshop display. David spotted it in Dymocks in George Street, Sydney, and snapped these shots.

Pretty cool, huh?

Have YOU seen Snowy instore anywhere? If so, drop us a line and let us know.

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    Dave Says:

    I was standing in front of the shelf with a dopey smile on my face when the shop assistant walked up to me and asked if he could help me. I said I was just browsing. He pointed at the book and said ‘you should check it out… It’s quite good.’ I could only smile and say, ‘Thanks, I’ll have a look.’

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