Blog Tour Week Ten: Snowy is Here

For nine weeks David and I have been touring the internet on the Snowy’s Christmas blog tour. This week, week ten, we return to where it all began – right here at the Aussie Christmas blog.

And, since by now you may be tired of hearing what I have to say on the subject, and you’ve also heard from Dave a few times, I thought I’d invite someone else very special to come and have a few words. That’s right. I’ve invited Snowy to drop in.

Welcome Snowy.

Snowy: Oh boy! You’re talking to me? You want to interview me

Of course. After all, you are the star of the book.

Snowy: Yes I am, aren’t I?  I still can’t believe you and David wanted to make a whole book about me.  Mama always said I was special but I didn’t believe her until Ash came into my life, and then Santa – and then you guys wrote about it and drew it and now kids all over Australiaare reading about MEEEEEE. Can you tell I’m excited?

Just a little. So, what’s it like getting to help Santa?

Snowy: Unreal!  Me and the other white roos  go all around Australia, pulling the sleigh so that Santa can deliver the toys while the reindeer rest and recover  from their long journey south. And best of all, thanks to Santa’s magic dust, I can flyyyyyyyy. Up up and away!

That must be fun. I’ve always wished I could fly. Now don’t take this wrong way, Snowy, but are you real? Lots of readers of this blog might think that white kangaroos don’t exist.

Snowy: Of course I’m real! I’m as real as real can be. Mama tells me that  while there aren’t a lot of white roos, they can be found in different parts of Australia. We might look different than the other roos, but we really are  like other roos, except whiter. And, of course, white roos are best for helping Santa because we jump higher. Yippeee!

Cool. Actually, I knew white roos were real because I once met some in a wildlife park n Perth. But I wanted to make sure our readers knew too.    So, once you’ve done your work with Santa, what do you do on Christmas day, Snowy?

Snowy: Well, first of all I need to have a long sleep. It’s pretty tiring pulling a sleigh all night. Then Ash takes me back to Mama, and we enjoy being together. Christmas is all about family and friends. That’s what Mama says.

I agree. And after Christmas?

Snowy: I go back to being a regular roo for the rest of the year. But I never forget that, come December, I have a special job to do.

You sure do, Snowy. Well, thanks for dropping in Snowy. Good luck for Christmas Eve.

Snowy: Thanks, Sally. And thanks for telling my story to the world. Merry Christmas everybody!

Cute little guy, isn’t he. You can buy Snowy’s Christmas at online and brick and mortar bookstores, as well as Kmart and Myer. And you can still visit the other stops of the blog tour at the links below. See you next week for the final stop in the tour!

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  1. 1
    Mabel Says:

    Hi Snowy! So nice to actually hear your side of the story. Hadn’t thought about what you do on Christmas Day and the rest of the year until come December all over again. Say “hello” to Mama from me when you get to sit down and enjoy Boxing Day with her. Hope you’ll enjoy what the kids who heard you story have to say next week at
    And thank you, Sally for a great interview. Not every day one gets to interview any roo, let alone a white one!
    All the best

  2. 2
    deescribewriting Says:

    Great to meet you Snowy. Keep up the good work. All those Aussie kids really depend on you and your friends to make their Christmas special. You are a very special kangaroo and it has been great that Sally and David have been able to tell your story.

    Happy hopping:-)


  3. […] one of the most fun stops of last year’s blog tour – when Snowy himself visited the Aussie Christmas blog to talk about what it’s like to be Santa’s helper AND the star of a book. Snowy always […]

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