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Snowy’s Blog Tour: The Rerun Part 8

November 27, 2010

Deck the shed with bits of wattle, fa la la la la la…

Oh, hi there. Come to join the Christmas party? If you’ve just tuned in, I’m having a blog tour with a difference – because it’s really a rerun of a blog tour. That’s right, a rerun. To celebrate this year’s release of  Snowy’s Christmas in paperback  I’m revisiting the blog tour that I took last year to celebrate its release in hardcover. Today we repeat episode 8, where I visited Robyn Opie to talk about the author’s role in marketing. You’ll find the interview here

Join me again tomorrow for episode 9.


Snowy’s Blog Tour: The Rerun Part 7

November 26, 2010

Christmas is coming, Sally’s getting fat…

Nah – not really. Just keeping up the Christmas feel, as the party to celebrate the rerelease of Snowy’s Christmas continues. Today we revisit week 7 of last year’s blog tour, where I visited the delightful Sam Hughes for breakfast. The wonderful thing about cyber-goodies is they don’t go off, so the bacon and eggs and the pancakes are still fresh if you’d like to join us. Enjoy!

Snowy’s Blog Tour: The Rerun Part 6

November 25, 2010

Joy to the world, la la la laaaaaaaa…..

I am really enjoying getting into the festive spirit and celebrating the rerelease of Snowy’s Christmas – and I hope you are, too. Today, we revisit week six of last year’s tour, where I visited the Aussiereviews blog to chat a bit about what it’s like when the reviewer becomes the reviewed, a topic pretty dear to my heart. Enjoy.

Snowy’s Blog Tour: The Rerun Part 3

November 22, 2010

Ho ho ho! Merry almost-Christmas. I’m so glad you’ve dropped in for some Christmas fare – and day 3 of my rerun blog tour. If you’ve not been round lately, you may not know that I’m celebrating the paperback release of Snowy’s Christmas by revisiting the blog tour I had last year when I celebrated the hardcover release.

So, today, I take you back to week three of last year’s tour where David and I visited the Soupblog and shared ten things you may not know about Snowy’s Christmas. This was (and still is)  a fun topic for a blog visit. (Unfortunately, the contest mentioned in the post has long since closed, but the book is widely available in good bookstores and online.

See you tomorrow for episode four.

Snowy’s Blog Tour: The Rerun Part 2

November 21, 2010

Welcome back. If you weren’t here yesterday, then you may not know that, in the tradition of all good end of year programming, I’m running some reruns. Specifically, for eleven days, I am rerunning my blog tour for Snowy’s Christmas. Yesterday, I took you back to week one of last year’s tour. Today, then, we revisit week two – and head over to Dale Harcombe’s review of  Snowy’s Christmas.

Enjoy – and hop back tomorrow for episode 3.